Friday, November 30, 2012

Imitation is the best form of flattery?

Haha, look at what the pranksters at my work did! I was having my photo taken for staff profiles and a bunch of guys walked in and said they wanted a group photo. I thought it was kinda odd, but I was like, whatever, these guys are always mucking around.

The photographer took the photo with the guys behind me and after I turned around and saw they had done THIS!

These guys are nuts! But I love them!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

New Digs

The new unit overlooks the local pool and a forest
Wowsers it's been a tough couple of weeks. I had to move house...again. The lease on the apartment I was in with the lovely oven I baked so many goodies in expired and couldn't be renewed as the owners were moving back in.  With just a couple of months (maybe 3) left to go on my build, it was a hard slog to find somewhere suitable for that short time frame.

They say moving is akin to a death in the family (which we're still also dealing with, with the recent death of my grandmother) and the weird thing is that this is the first time it's stressed me out as much as it did. I was talking to my brother about it last night and worked out I've moved 16 times across 3 states in the past 19 years and none of them have stressed me out as much as this one. I can't explain why.

Perhaps it's the frustration of being so close to the house being finished, yet it makes no difference to amount of work that's involved in setting up a new place (no matter how temporary) and cleaning up the old one. Nevermind...we got through it.

I found a lovely apartment in a suburb close to Josh's school. It's bright and airy and overlooks the local school pool. For the first couple of days though, I hated it here. I was surrounded by boxes (again) and the pantry and oven were a bit dismal. I hadn't met any of the neighbours yet and complex's garden was  overgrown and unkempt.

Bit by bit though I started to feel a bit better and started to see some of the fab and positive things here and after a couple of weeks of feeling a bit displaced I'm starting to feel a lot better.

Here are some of the great things I found about this place.

This kookaburra sits on the mailbox in the afternoon

The mock orange gives off a gorgeous fragrance across the garden

The new place is close to the markets where I bought these divine peonies. 
The new unit is up 2 flights of stairs with a weird balcony bit directly outside the rather narrow front door. It makes it very difficult to get big items in, so we've decided to be minimalist and just sit on bean bags until the new house is built.

About 10 weeks to go...

Friday, November 16, 2012


Ohhhh I must have this Elliatt vintage inspired dress. How GORGEOUS is it? I could imagine wearing this at a fancy dinner with some bangles and gold sandals.

*Currently plotting how to get this dress*

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Dinner with the Girls

Ahhh Miranda is back from her 3 week trek in India so it was time for a long overdue girl's catch up. We went to Ginga at Emporium to talk food, fun and follies. We shared a tempura vegetable platter and I had this agedashi tofu. Sooooo delicious but soooo filling.

It's interesting that we were sooooo full yet we all automatically walked over to Freestyle after we finished dinner. It's an unwritten rule. There's always room for dessert. Yep, check out these brioche dumplings with vanilla bean ice cream and berries and white chocolate sauce.


Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Grease Singalong

My baby brother turned 32 over the weekend and I thought for something different I'd take him to Ben & Jerry's Open Air Cinema at Southbank.

They were playing the Grease Singalong, which was basically the movie, but with karaoke style words down the bottom when the musical numbers started. Soooo much fun! Singing..out in the open...eating ice cream!

I distinctly remember seeing Grease for the first time when I was about six years old and we were at a bowling alley. I remember being very excited about the opening credits as they were cartoons and then it turned into a movie and I was very disappointed.

Since then I think I've seen it countless times but I always love the singalong. Really though, if we analyse it, it's a bit of a crap storyline. Neither accepts either for who they are and they have to change to be together. Danny has to be a square and Sandy has to be a slut.

Hmmm...OK then.

But they had ice cream. So *smile*

Happy Birthday Baby Bro!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Mecca Bah!!

Delectables from a 30th Birthday party at Mecca Bah I went to on Saturday night. Three moscatos only and I'm still nursing a hangover on Monday morning!

Pink Fez Mocktail
Roast Vegetable Tagine
Turkish Delight

Friday, November 9, 2012

Cupcake Friday

Oreo Cupcake from Muggged in Bulimba. 
(Oh oh, there's an Oreo also baked in the cake part)
*licks lips*

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Melbourne Cup 2012

Ahh the race that stops a nation! The annual Melbourne Cup is really just a day I can wear a stupid fascinator, get seriously dolled up...and go dressed like this to work! We're so busy at the moment, we really didn't have enough time to take the day off to go to the races so we had our "do" downstairs in the interior design studio with the race on the big screen.

Hehe...this is how we roll at a building company

Horseshoe Cake

Needless to say I didn't win ANYTHING on the cup. Don't think I ever have! I'm not a betting girl anyway, for me it's all about the fashion! Oh...and food.

Holly and I


One of the guys always ends up in stilettos

Gorgeous, gorgeous Kirty! A deserving winner!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Chilli Love

I LOOOOVE chilli. The more, the hotter, the better!! I got these from the Rocklea Markets on the weekend. Look at their amazing colour. Plump and full of red hot zingy seeds. I put a few of these in angel hair pasta with roasted cherry tomatoes and a handful of baby spinach. Delicious!!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Day 48 House Rebuild

Things are moving very fast indeedy on the house rebuild. We are on Day 48 and just about to pass stage 3 - second level framing and roof trusses. All very exciting! The house looks like a bit of a tower, being over 8.5 metres to meet with council requirements, but I guess in time others will be raised and it will just be the norm.

You can read more about the rebuild at my other blog - Karina's House Project.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Chocolate Heaven!

Oh I was given the most amazing box of chocolates from Max Brennar. An ENTIRE box filled with the most incredible pralines, truffles, white chocolate...ohhh!! They're my absolute favourite!!

I feel very spoilt.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Midnight Baking

When insomnia strikes I bake. This is particularly inconvenient at 2am, but here's what you get! I think there were about 60 jam and Nutella drops, the biggest batch I've ever made in one sitting!

They lasted less than 2 days though...some went to work, some went to friends and the rest went to Josh's tummy.

I slept well after that :-).