Thursday, November 29, 2012

New Digs

The new unit overlooks the local pool and a forest
Wowsers it's been a tough couple of weeks. I had to move house...again. The lease on the apartment I was in with the lovely oven I baked so many goodies in expired and couldn't be renewed as the owners were moving back in.  With just a couple of months (maybe 3) left to go on my build, it was a hard slog to find somewhere suitable for that short time frame.

They say moving is akin to a death in the family (which we're still also dealing with, with the recent death of my grandmother) and the weird thing is that this is the first time it's stressed me out as much as it did. I was talking to my brother about it last night and worked out I've moved 16 times across 3 states in the past 19 years and none of them have stressed me out as much as this one. I can't explain why.

Perhaps it's the frustration of being so close to the house being finished, yet it makes no difference to amount of work that's involved in setting up a new place (no matter how temporary) and cleaning up the old one. Nevermind...we got through it.

I found a lovely apartment in a suburb close to Josh's school. It's bright and airy and overlooks the local school pool. For the first couple of days though, I hated it here. I was surrounded by boxes (again) and the pantry and oven were a bit dismal. I hadn't met any of the neighbours yet and complex's garden was  overgrown and unkempt.

Bit by bit though I started to feel a bit better and started to see some of the fab and positive things here and after a couple of weeks of feeling a bit displaced I'm starting to feel a lot better.

Here are some of the great things I found about this place.

This kookaburra sits on the mailbox in the afternoon

The mock orange gives off a gorgeous fragrance across the garden

The new place is close to the markets where I bought these divine peonies. 
The new unit is up 2 flights of stairs with a weird balcony bit directly outside the rather narrow front door. It makes it very difficult to get big items in, so we've decided to be minimalist and just sit on bean bags until the new house is built.

About 10 weeks to go...