Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Grease Singalong

My baby brother turned 32 over the weekend and I thought for something different I'd take him to Ben & Jerry's Open Air Cinema at Southbank.

They were playing the Grease Singalong, which was basically the movie, but with karaoke style words down the bottom when the musical numbers started. Soooo much fun! Singing..out in the open...eating ice cream!

I distinctly remember seeing Grease for the first time when I was about six years old and we were at a bowling alley. I remember being very excited about the opening credits as they were cartoons and then it turned into a movie and I was very disappointed.

Since then I think I've seen it countless times but I always love the singalong. Really though, if we analyse it, it's a bit of a crap storyline. Neither accepts either for who they are and they have to change to be together. Danny has to be a square and Sandy has to be a slut.

Hmmm...OK then.

But they had ice cream. So *smile*

Happy Birthday Baby Bro!