Sunday, January 20, 2013


Poor little duckies :-(
I love the hustle and bustle of Sunnybank on the weekend. The pungent smells of BBQ meats and spices, the sounds of high pitched conversations in foreign languages and unreadable yet strangely familiar Asian signage on the shopfronts and menus. It's a visual feast for all the senses.

Josh is back after a few holiday weeks with his Dad and with that returns my chilli partner. After a quick Sushi Train lunch at Sunnybank we picked up some Asian supplies including "Extra Hot Mapo Sauce" for dinner, which seems crazy given it's 35 degrees here today.

So I combined the (seriously) extra hot mapo sauce with tofu, peas and vegetarian Qorn mince and, for extra measure, some garlic and 4 additional birds eye chillis. Josh and I have a competition tradition - first to go for a glass of water is the loser.

We were both out on the first mouthful.

This dish burned in every sense possible. It burnt my tongue, the roof of my mouth, the sides of my mouth and even as I swallowed I could feel burning down my oesophagus and even now, hours after we'd finished eating, I can still feel a mild burning sensation in the pit of my stomach.

This dish was so hot we went through two glasses of water each and polished off a litre container of soy milk. Even then, alas, the relief was only mild and short lived.

Sadly, we love this. When I finally get to move into the house, a chilli garden will be one of the first things I'll be creating.