Friday, January 11, 2013

The Trifecta

Sometimes all you have to do is put it out there. This week has been fantastic for resolving and closing some issues that have been bugging me or just fab things that have gone right!

Remember this gorgeous Elliat dress I was gushing about last month? I went back into the store and low and behold, it was on sale. In my size!! It's one of the most beautiful dresses I've had with its gorgeous beading and delicately embroidered daisy fabric. It fits so perfectly I'm convinced it was just meant to be. Whenever I see it in my cupboard it makes me smile. I can't wait to wear it somewhere special. #Win1

The Garden

I moved (temporarily) to a new apartment a couple of months ago and I haven't settled in very well. One of the main issues was that I hadn't met any of the neighbours (and I love having that community feel wherever I go) and also the garden was so horribly overgrown, it would depress me every time I walked past.  Fast forward to now and I was having a chat to my neighbour Liz (turns out loads of people here are nice and friendly) and we were discussing how we both hated the garden and how overgrown it had become. We had resolved that over the next weekend we would just recruit some friends and other tenants and get in and do it ourselves.

The very next morning, at the crack of dawn, two gardeners turned up and spent the next two days clearing out the "jungle" and it looks amazing. I had a chat to them and told them what an amazing job they were doing and one said he had been hassling the body corporate for 2 years to clear out the mess as it had been left by the flood. It was probably sheer coincidence, but I like to think we had something to do with it by just "putting it out there".

The garden looks amazing now, with its perfumed mock orange hedge and tropical coloured foliage.  I have to walk past it every time I leave or come back to the apartment, and it makes me give a little smile. #Win2


Last week I wrote about how I've been waking up for weeks at 3.31am. Every night. On the dot. It was such a mystery. Well, since that post the middle of the night wake ups have completely stopped. Just like that. #Win3

That trifecta is the perfect way to start the weekend. Have a fab Friday and weekend everyone! xx