Thursday, February 28, 2013

Found the perfect dress!

I have a couple of weddings coming up and have nothing to wear!! I know, first world problems, but a problem nonetheless.

I was geared up for a long and tedious quest for the perfect dress that would work for a cocktail wedding as well as a less formal wedding without looking like a trashy hooker or a year 12 student at their end of high school formal. But I found it in the second store I went into. Faaaabulous!!

And here t'is!! Ta-da!! The most perfect wedding attendance dress ever!! A classic line, heavy quality fabric and versatile (I could use it for balls and birthday parties?)

This isn't the colour or size I want, but the style is perfect. It's from Review and I used to work in their Oxford Street store in Paddington in Sydney many, many years ago.

This is me in the dressing rooms after a long battle with sizing. I took in a size 6 and an 8 and first tried on the eight.

It was soooo tight!!

So tight I had to get two attendants in the dressing room to get the zip up and when we did finally get it up, I could feel it bursting at the seams.

"It looks a little tight," said Attendant 1, "perhaps you should try the size 10."

"NO!" I said, "I used to work for Review, I'm a perfect size 8!

"The zip looks awfully tight," said Attendant 2, "maybe they just made a smaller cut this time, the 10 might be better."

"It fits like a glove," said I, even though I thought I might pass out from lack of oxygen, "it's perfect!"

"Why don't I just get the 10 for you to try on," said Attendant 1, "maybe it won't bunch up as much around the stomach area."

"NOOOOOOOOOO," I wailed, "I'm an 8!! An 8!!!" (Why wasn't anyone listening to me????)

Anyway, I conceded, finally, that this was just too small and agreed (reluctantly) to the 10. When I tried it on was humungous! (Disclaimer: may be exaggerating). It was definitely not just one size too big. Bizarre. Also, I thought it high time I stopped wearing black. The only solution really was to order the size 8 in navy and stop eating cupcakes for the next few weeks until I'm back to my "proper size".

Anyway, the mystery of the size too small was solved when I went to take a pic of the tag. Turns out that 8 was actually a 6. Yeah. And to think I was going to give up cupcakes...


Editors Post-Note: After trying on the navy, I decided I liked the black after all. The store was giving $75 off for Myer One customers and I cashed in a whole stack of credit card points for Myer gift vouchers. So the dress cost practically nothing. #awesomeness

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Oscars Red Carpet

Oh Amy Adams this dress is AMAZING!! Definitely the most beautiful gown at the Oscars this year. 

Monday, February 25, 2013

I have absolutely NOTHING to wear!

I have a wedding coming up soon and the dress code is "cocktail". I don't have ANYTHING to wear (seriously, it's not just an excuse), so this is what I've narrowed it down to.

Sacha Drake Ultimate Maxi Dress

Martini One Shoulder Maxi Dress

Forever New Cathie Embellishment Dress

Forever New Emma Waterfall Dress
Lisa Ho Silk Tulle One Shoulder Dress

Martini One Shoulder Maxi Dress

Allanah Hill I Am So Demure Dress
Eileen Kirby Adore and More Dress

Matthew Eager Dress

Eileen Kirby Lily Short Dress

I think cocktail generally means short though. Thoughts? Votes?

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Where did the time go?

This is my 14 year old's selfie. He looks so grown up.
And how on earth did take this photo if it was a selfie? I wasn't there!

This is how I still think of him though....

A night at the drive in!

We went to the drive last night - this time to a new one at Tivoli, near Ipswich. I'd read about it in the press - it's an initiative by a Christian group to provide on job training for the long term unemployed. More importantly's closer than the Yatala Drive in and way cheaper. #WinWin!!

We saw "Wreck It Ralph". I sooo love kid's movies. It's such an escape from life and especially seeing it at the drive in reminds me of when we used to go to the Hervey's Range In just outside Townsville with my parents and cousins. Josh loves it now...that makes me happy.

Kinda sucks a bit though to watch it from a sedan, although we could have taken chairs or sat on the ground on a picnic blanket. When we were kids we would all pile into my Uncle's Tarago. I'm so getting a 4WD for my next car JUST so we can take it to the drive in! Oh...and for all my plants.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Pizza Night!

Another pizza night at home! This time we made a new pizza - "chicken" tandoori pizza with baby spinach, mushrooms and bocconcini. The "chicken" was made from Quorn soy pieces marinated in tandoori paste and yoghurt.

The others were a margarita, smoked salmon and antipasto pizzas.


Thursday, February 21, 2013

A day at the Powerhouse

I usually love going to the Nikon-Walkley Press Photo Awards at the Powerhouse. Have been going for years and always enjoyed it. This year was a bit so-so. Can't put my finger on it...just seemed a bit flat.

Anyway, didn't matter, I still got to hang out with my cousin and her little baby. 

What a cutie!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Masterchef Joshua

Josh used to cook quite a bit when he was younger. In fact he used to cook dinner once a week and wasn't bad...for an 11 year old. But since we've been out of a permanent home after the flood he hasn't cooked very much.

Lately though, he seems to have been inspired and put himself back in the kitchen. This was lunch on the weekend - baked potato with aioli, cheese and shallots.

This was his smoked salmon with tomato and egg on sourdough with sour cream and lettuce.

Roast tomato and baby spinach curly fettucini.

Ahh...I could used to this again!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

House Update - The Pendant Lights

The electrician is coming on Tuesday to put in all the lighting fixtures. There are 32 downlights throughout the house and feature pendants in the dining room, over the breakfast bar and in the stairwell.

I'd chosen the Fillsta lights from Ikea for the stairwell and originally I was going to have three or varying sizes. Since I bought them though, I've realised that the width and the length of the stairwell is a lot smaller than I had visualised from the plan and there's really only room for two.

Because the electrician is on the clock I put them together myself to save a bit of time.

And that's how we roll peeps!

Monday, February 18, 2013

The Sweetest Valentine's Present

No, it wasn't a label, the Singapore Frangipani (both of them) were too big to transport and while I'm still in my rental it will stay at the nursery.

Such a sweet and thoughtful Valentine's present. He knows how much I love plants.

I'm very lucky.

Friday, February 15, 2013


Nom! Nom! Nom!

Just Soy Cafe

I've been spending lots of time in and around Sunnybank lately, Brisbane's "other" Chinatown and have been introduced to a whole raft of new foodie places, particularly dessert ones.

This is from Just Soy Cafe which serves...just soy custardy delights topped with an insane variety of toppings.

It was such a typical Asian store. Basic decor, cheesy artificial plants, bright fluorescent lights and a stack of boxes full of take away containers were piled up at the front of the store in front of the counter.

I love this kind of "authenticity".  It kinda adds to the character. Besides, the food was good so who cares, right?

Hot Shanghai Nights

How awesome! Burnett Lane was transformed into a 1940s Shanghai alleyway called "Hot Shanghai Nights" as part of the BrisAsia Festival. Checked it out my cousin Alana.

Watched some street performers...

Had some street food (lemongrass crusted tofu on half a baguette)

Hung out with my cuz!

Was good fun! 

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Failure to Launch

Failure to launch was actually the farthest from the truth. I headed off to the Street Food Australia launch in the Valley with my mate Chris, arriving just half an hour into the par-tay and this place was rocking...and they'd run out of food!!

Yep, pity the poor lady that was at the entrance that had to deliver the bad news. They were expecting 300 pax and I'd say there were probably 1000 there. 

Now from a event management point of view, to run out of food is a massive fail but from PR perspective this launch was a runaway success. I'm pretty sure this entire campaign was run on social media and that's publicity that money just can't buy. A hearty congrats to these guys, I love the concept and hope it really takes off.

And may their success mean they don't run out of food again so that we're not left hungry on a Friday night. Lucky Harajuku Gyoza was just next door.

We had to wait 20 minutes or so but it was worth it. The food is really good, not out of this world amazing, but what you want from a good dumpling bar. It's the atmosphere and oh so cutesy Japanese decor that you go for.  I had the grilled vege gyozas with their awesome chilli sauce.

And the new Tenpura Agenasu Eggplant Wedges. I still think that's a typo. I'm sure it's supposed to be "Tempura". Anyway, it was delicious...but literally half an eggplant. We also had edamame. Man I was full after that.

But there's always room for gelato right? Why so worried Chris?

Monday, February 11, 2013 home!!

Really, I don't eat out all the time. It's just been an amazing couple of weeks on the foodie scene and to be honest, the stove and kitchen in my rental is so crap there's no motivation or inspiration to cook at home. I'm so looking forward to moving in to the new house with my dream kitchen because there's nothing more I love than cooking at home.

So I made a stack of pizzas all so colourful and delicious.

Pizza One - roasted capsicum, kalamata olives, sundried tomatoes, cherry tomatos, mozzarella cheese, baby spinach, mushrooms and baby bocconcini.

Pizza Two - smoked salmon, mushrooms, kalamata olives, baby spinach, mozzarella cheese and sundried tomatoes.

Pizza Three - roast pumpkin, proscuitto, baby spinach, bocconcini, red onion and mozzarella.

Pizza Four - roast pumpkin, bocconcini, kalamata olives, cherry tomatoes, sundried tomatoes and baby spinach.

Only a couple of them were vegetarian and they were divine, I'm told the others were delicious too - we took them to work to share ;-)

Can't wait for the new house to be ready. I need to buy a pizza stone!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Marketing Memories

I had an awesome marketing job a few years back in a great team (of just two) where we did loads of events and cool product launches. The part I loved the most was creating all the promo materials and branding the events.

These days I mostly do PR and copywriting and very little marketing like this. I miss it. I miss the creativity and team work and buzz of putting together a successful event.

Sigh...but I digress.

I bought my usual Eve Lom cleanser from Mecca Cosmetica yesterday and they asked me if I was on their loyalty program, which I wasn't. So they signed me up and gave me sweet little sample pack as a welcome gift.

It had a few samples of some of their popular products. Pretty simple really, but very effective. I could only imagine how fun it would be working in their marketing department. Man I miss those days...

Saturday, February 9, 2013


These last couple of weeks have been absolute gastronomic heaven for me. So, so spoilt! This time we went to Montrachet, the iconic French bistro at Paddington that famously (or is it notoriously) doesn't open on weekends or Friday night because they're that good!

I have been wanting to go there since forever and I was soo lucky to be taken there. It totally wasn't snooty like I thought it was but did seem to be full of people who had a genuine love of food. Oh, and I finally got to wear my Elliatt dress!

Drool much? Uh-huh, it's the Gruyère Soufflé and the MOST divine soufflé I've ever, every had. Light and fluffy with a richness that defies logic in a creamy sauce. Seriously, I really don't know why French women don't get fat. I think I put on a kilo just smelling it. Accompanied with a slightly sweet French Riesling. Don't ask me which one, I couldn't remember or pronounce it, I just remember it was lovely.

For les dessert, really, is there any other choice when you're dining French than the Crème Brûlée? It's a given for me - that creamy custardy base and crusty sugar top. This was definitely a foodgasm. Possibly a multiple one. The smoothest custard ever and perfectly cracking top. Amazing. 

Oh, why stop at one dessert, why not the Crêpes Suzette as well. I took too long to take the photo and the ice cream started melting. #InstragramFail But I assure you it was delicious!!

So spoilt. What a unbelievably divine eating week. Very grateful.