Sunday, March 3, 2013

Dining in the land of the giants

I've been hanging out way too much in Sunnybank lately and now I'm so accustomed to the massive servings at super cheap prices I'm struggling to go back to the "real" dining prices in the non-Sunnybank precincts.

Having said that, I do realise that Australia has some of the most expensive food and dining prices in the world and Sunnybank prices are probably on par or even expensive compared to Asian countries.

Still, behold, dining in the land of the giants.

Seriously, how big is this vegetarian laksa from Little Singapore? Noooo way in the world could I finish it, so I doggy bagged it and had it for lunch for the next two days. Cost? $10.90. Soooo cheap!! I was with four other guys from work and only one finished their meal. #AwesomeValue.

Me taking a photo of Matt taking a photo of his Supreme Mango Crushed Ice from Meet Fresh. This  was taken before he started but after he'd finished it looked exactly the same. He hardly made a dent in it and just ended up with an ice cream headache.