Monday, March 18, 2013

Japanese BBQ!

Veggies BBQing nicely...

I knew about Korean BBQ (and that's next on my gastronomic list) but I didn't know about Japanese BBQ!!!

It's novel and delicious! Win win! Nonbei Sake and BBQ in the Valley was where I lost my Japanese BBQ virginity, celebrating at a birthday party and eating BBQ deliciousness!

Salmon Sashimi
This was the salmon capriccio which WASN'T put on the BBQ, proving you don't have to cook everything here. Super fresh and looking glossy, it actually seemed pretty good value for what it was.

Wagyu Beef
There were 2 vegetarians in the party so this wagyu beef was not for us. The boys tell us it was delicious though. Will take their word for it.

Japanese BBQ seriously rocks!