Sunday, March 24, 2013

Pre-Buck's Dinner on the Coast

Q1 from the 35th floor

Q1 Lobby while I'm at Jac's wedding, he'll be at a buck's night down the coast for his best friend. They decided on a pre-buck's night dinner for everyone, which really is just a 'forgive us for what we are about to do' dinner. I'm not an idiot ;-P

I guess if you're going to try and appease us, you'd best take us to one that's been awarded a Chef's Hat, somewhere like say, Rock Salt Modern Dining.

It was awesome fun going down the coast for the night, staying at Q1, everyone sans children for the weekend. The food DIVINE, the service was great and the atmosphere was surprisingly pretty casual.

Roast Scallops, Herb Gnocchi, Sweet Corn Puree,
Forest Mushrooms, Porcini Cappuccino

Ocean Trout with Sea Scallops, Caviar and Peas
on Cauliflower Puree

Pannacotta with poached pear and lemon curd cigar

I got a drunken text the next night and a brief run down and probably sanitised version the morning after.  I guess what happens on bucks nights stays on bucks night. Lucky the memory of this meal was enough to tide me over for a while. Oh, and I was too busy eating and drinking myself at Jac's wedding.