Thursday, March 21, 2013

Pre-Wedding High Tea

Awww there's only a few days left until Jac's wedding and we held a surprise pre-wedding high tea for her last day at work as a single woman.

The gorgeous thing about a vintage high tea theme is that everyone can bring a mish mash of crockery and it all just looks beautiful together.

I'm thinking I might start a collection of mis matched vintage crockery from op shops and secondhand stores for when I have high teas at home.

Everything was so delicious and home made. Divine cherry ripe slices, mini triangle sandwiches and decadent white chocolate cake. My contribution was the cupcakes. I made the first batch and forgot to add one of the cups of flour. It sunk in the middle and looked terrible (but weirdly tasted ok). Luckily I had enough ingredients for a second batch because as usual I'd left it till almost 11pm to start. LOVE midnight baking!

Bahaha, Kirty couldn't make the party because she was in Sydney so we stuck her head on a stick and she managed to photobomb an awful lot of photos. 

Can't wait for this wedding. I LOOOOOVE weddings!! This one will be so much fun! I picked up my dress yesterday, ready to party! :-)