Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Last Supper

The girls and I had our last dinner before Jacqui's wedding and rather than our usual South Bank address we decided on Gerard's Bistro in New Farm. A few foodies had recommended it and it was a good choice!

It had a real 70s feel about it with wall wood panelling, polished concrete and retro patterned chairs. Cosy and intimate. Perfect for a last dinner as an unmarried group.

I'm so loving this share plate trend. We shared 2 vego plates, the spiced cauliflower and whole smoked eggplant and the girls also ordered the wagyu hangar and lamb loin. It looked and tasted amazing and pretty reasonably priced, especially as everyone was talking about how expensive it was. I think maybe it was when it opened and perhaps changed its menu to suit the market. I don't think Brisbane quite has the scene to support too many fine dining establishments.

Next dinner....Jac's wedding!! SOOOO excited!!!