Monday, March 25, 2013

The Wedding

Oh just the most beautiful and sweet wedding I've ever attended. Gorgeous weather, serene setting, lovely wine, divine food, good friends and most importantly, a loved up bride and groom saying "I do" in front of all the people they hold dear. It's really what a wedding is all about and was just the loveliest and the most fun!

My risotto stuffed mushroom entree
(everyone else has beef or pork belly)
Toasting the happy couple
(Moscato and sauvignon blanc) 
The wedding cake (whole)

The wedding cake (cut)

The photos the next day painted a picture of descent into tipsy celebration.

Before the wedding - sober

A few drinks with friends...

After a few more drinks...

Miranda and I...gone

A big hearty congrats to the happy couple. What a beautiful start to your life together. You sure put on a good party!