Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Camping...not glamping!

I went camping. 
Ye-hah. You read right. Camping.
Not glamping.

We're talking on the beach, no tent, no BATHROOMS.

I kinda got a bit conned getting there with the pretence of "we'll go and watch the best movie ever outdoors". I was thinking the drive-in. Obviously he meant the stars.

It was absolutely divine. We toasted marshmallows over an open fire, on the sand under a gazillion stars with the waves crashing over the beach nearby. The smell of a crackling fire and the fresh ocean breeze was gorgeous and for the first time I understood why people love doing this.

We slept in a sleeping bag out in the open. There were no mozzies and while it was cold, the fire kept us warm all night. It was truly perfect.

In the morning the air was pristine and there was no one else for miles. In the morning light I could see how pure white the sand was with just smatterings of shells, seaweed and driftwood to break up a smooth canvas of sand that seemed to go on forever. 

I loved it. I'll admit...I'm a convert.