Thursday, June 13, 2013

Freestyle Tapas

Creme Brûlée
A massive shout out to dessert icon Freestyle Tout at Emporium. My Mum bought one of those Scoopon deals for "all you can eat tapas" months ago and we've been so busy we just haven't had time to use it.

I called a couple of weeks before it was due to expire and there was only a few reservation spots available and most were weekday lunchtimes. I totally would have understood if they said too bad so sad, but they were awesome and said that because so many people had left it so late, they were extending the validity period for another 2 weeks.

Pannacotta (foreground) and the pavlova (background)

I've had a few of these all-you-can-eat deals and while they seem great, they always seem to take ages to bring out each round, so your time runs out before you get to capacity. The deal here was for 6 and the conditions were that the first round was one dish each (6) and then 3 dishes each round after and each had to be finished before the next one was ordered.

With over half of us there Chinese (and Jansen, human eating machine) I wondered how slow the service might be and whether we'd get (Mum's) money's worth.

I needn't have worried. The session was for 90 minutes and the wait staff would take our next round orders as they were clearing away plates so there was very little wait between courses. In fact, the service was so quick we called time with 15 minutes to go...all of us were stuffed.

Disclaimer - none of divine dishes pictured were of the tapas, these were the desserts we had there afterwards. We were so busy enjoying the tapas that no-one, not even me, bothered to take photos. But if you can use your imagination, think potato bravas, marinated olives, barramundi and leek croquettes and Mooloolaba prawns.

Fantastic night and kudos to Freestyle, their food and all their amazing staff!