Friday, June 7, 2013

Men are from Mars..

I've decided you can tell the difference between men and women from the way they attend weddings.

So Jansen and I went to a wedding the other day. In the weeks, let's say almost 7 weeks, leading up to the wedding, I pored over shopping sites to find something to wear, finally narrowing it down to two dresses on ASOS.  I couldn't decide which one and neither could the girls in the office from the poll I held which came out at 50/50. So I bought both. (Love the ASOS return policy). I had a fashion parade in the lunch room of the office and we had a unanimous winner.

For the wedding itself I had my eyelashes done, my hair done and I probably would have popped down to the salon for a wax if I'd had time. All up, I was prepared.

HE, on the other hand, went to work in the morning (on a building site), went out to lunch (with the groom, no less), then decided to go a massage that finished 40 minutes before we were due to arrive. He got out of the shower and said, "What should I wear?" And then, "Oh, my good shoes got trashed at the last wedding, could I wear my RM Williams boots?"


The thing was...he was the BEST MAN!!

I was just the plus one.

Lucky there was just enough time to get some Kiwi shoe polish at the 7-Eleven or we might have ended up going like this!!

Probably wouldn't have matter. No one would have noticed, cause the bride was absolutely radiant, the food was divine and the view across the Brisbane River from the Stokehouse was gorgeous.