Friday, June 14, 2013

The 14 year old

More and more often I find myself looking at my 14 year old and wondering where the time has gone. It's so cliched but one minute he was baby wrapped in a snowsuit rolling around in the ice and today he's just 1 inch under 6 foot tall and I have to ask him to get the glasses down out of the top cupboard.

He's a typical teenager and drives me batty a LOT of the time, but when he does I try to take a deep breath and try and be grateful for the bigger picture.

He does all the things that a typical teenager would do - he tries to get out of his 9.30pm bedtime EVERY night, tries to sneak his mobile phone into his bedroom (the 'no electronics zone'), leaves his clothes on the floor and forgets to bring the rubbish bins in...every single week!

But he also still gives me a kiss goodbye when I drop him off at school, has empathy for kids at school that are having a hard time, has respect (to a degree) for the environment and "generally" does what he's asked without any backchat or rudeness. (When he does though, the wireless password gets changed and the XBox is banned, I usually get an apology pretty quick.)

So I guess it's not all that bad. He's away this weekend. I will miss him.