Monday, August 19, 2013

Dinner with the girls at The Servery

The girls' and I had our dinner this month at The Servery. It's upstairs from one of my favourite cafes, Pearl Cafe. During the week they use this as a food prep area, it's really just a big long table surrounded by sauces, wines, herbs and other ingredients in fridges and open shelves. It's dark and mysterious and a bit Downtown Abbey...servant style.

From Thursday to Sunday though you can have dinner there. It only seats 8 and so we had to book in advance. It's all very casual though and you share the table with others. They have just the roast of the day and you can choose your sides.

We shared the charcuterie platter (though I only ate the cheeses...which were DELICIOUS), and the girls had the roast while I just had the roast vegies.

I make roast vegetables all the time and they NEVER look or taste like this!! I think they must have been slow roasting all day.

Yup, dessert was delicious. I so love my dinners with the girls!!