Friday, August 16, 2013

Life is rosy

So these turned up at work. They were the biggest, most beautiful bouquet I'd ever seen, much less received. They were a mixture of cream and soft pink roses with perfectly formed buds...all thirty of them!! I was speechless.

When they turned up, everyone (jokingly) asked, "what's he done?" and I honestly said that I had no idea. I actually had to ask him. Seems he felt bad that he'd been away the previous two weekends (raising money for charity no less) and would be away again this weekend.  #SoSweet.

I didn't have a vase big enough to fit them all so they sat in a bucket until I could buy one. They looked so beautiful sitting on the kitchen bench and put a little smile on my face every time I saw them or smelt their beautiful fragrance. I wanted them to last forever but after ten days they're finally starting to droop. I might do a nana thing and try and make potpourri out of them.