Sunday, September 22, 2013

Birdsnest Yakitori & Bar

The girls and I went to Birdsnest Yakitori & Bar in West End for our latest catch up. Yakitori means chicken skewers in Japanese...which would have been handy to know beforehand cause, you know, vegetarian.

Normally we would all google the menu well in advance but for some unknown reason not a single one of us did and as we perused the menu the conversation was peppered with stupid comments like, "there's a lot of chicken on this menu" and "is this a chicken restaurant"? Never mind the fact that it was called BIRDSNEST or that the logo has a giant CHICKEN on's September...we're all slowing down.

All good, I had the tofu skewers and okra skewers (which were teeny and a bit slimy, but interesting) and shitake mushrooms while the girls chowed down on the various chicken offerings and pork belly. They said it was amazing and so was mine. Especially with the fancy schmancy Himalayan pink salt.

I really want to bring Jansen here, but I think we'd run up a huge bill because the portions are tiny. We ended up going to The Three Monkeys for dessert afterwards.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Camping Love

Ahhh we went camping again, just the two of us. The weather was perfect and the roads weren't even clogged with thousands of cars full of people with the same idea. The special "spot" was almost completely deserted, with just a handful of people who were only there for a short time

I had my first kiteboarding lesson and I sucked, big time. It's so much harder than it looks and I got tossed and turned and bodyslammed into a sandbar. But I have cool new wetsuit so at least I looked the part.

After a loong day in the water, bruised and battered, we headed back to camp and had tacos and Mo√ęt by the campfire and roasted marshmallows to the sounds of the waves crashing over the beach and a few drunken twenty-somethings in the camp next door. Ahh.

The next morning I woke up super early and walked along the beach just as the only the very committed fisherman were casting their first line.

When I was little, my cousins and I would collect shells on the beach and the most highly prized were the "butterfly" shells. Like this. Exciting enough.

Until I saw THIS! Ohhh if my cousins could see this now! Have I said before I'm loving camping?

Monday, September 2, 2013

Kitchen Porn

OMG my Mum is the most awesomest Mum ever!! She gave me a Kitchen Aid mixer...and she didn't even know what it was!

Last time she was visiting me I was raving on about on about this mixer that I would soooo love to have. Oh all the things I could bake with it (even though I'm a terrible baker).

A couple of weeks later she sent me a link to the mixer and said, "is this the thing you were babbling on about?"


So she traded in a few hundred thousand credit card points and I have a shiny, new and very red Kitchen Aid mixer taking pride of place in the kitchen.

Am so grateful for my ever generous and wonderfully thoughtful Mumsy-Poo. She's the best!! Simply the best!! *Cue Tina Turner!*

Strawberry Sundaes at the Ekka

For the last couple of years I've volunteered at the Strawberry Sundae stand at the Ekka. All the funds raised go to the Prince Charles Hospital Foundation. The strawberry sundaes are iconic and DELICIOUS!!! Last year I did it on my own, but this year I put together a team! Was so much more fun with friends.

So there's a STRICT order for the production of these sweet treats. They have production signs up everywhere. Scientific management at its finest, there's a person for every step of the process. One person to lay out the cones, one to scoop out the first layer of white ice cream, one for the layer of chopped strawberries, one for the scoop of strawberry ice cream, someone with a cream gun and one last person to place that strawberry topper. In addition to this are volunteers to chop the strawberries, wash the dishes and take orders and money. There are LOADS of people and it's a really fun atmosphere. You can't help but crack up looking at your friends in super sexy hairnets.

A massive shout out to my friend Reshni, who had stepped off an international flight the night before and rocked up looking this fresh and beautiful at 7am the next morning. What a girl. I had such an awesome time (again), I'm already signed up for next year.