Monday, September 2, 2013

Strawberry Sundaes at the Ekka

For the last couple of years I've volunteered at the Strawberry Sundae stand at the Ekka. All the funds raised go to the Prince Charles Hospital Foundation. The strawberry sundaes are iconic and DELICIOUS!!! Last year I did it on my own, but this year I put together a team! Was so much more fun with friends.

So there's a STRICT order for the production of these sweet treats. They have production signs up everywhere. Scientific management at its finest, there's a person for every step of the process. One person to lay out the cones, one to scoop out the first layer of white ice cream, one for the layer of chopped strawberries, one for the scoop of strawberry ice cream, someone with a cream gun and one last person to place that strawberry topper. In addition to this are volunteers to chop the strawberries, wash the dishes and take orders and money. There are LOADS of people and it's a really fun atmosphere. You can't help but crack up looking at your friends in super sexy hairnets.

A massive shout out to my friend Reshni, who had stepped off an international flight the night before and rocked up looking this fresh and beautiful at 7am the next morning. What a girl. I had such an awesome time (again), I'm already signed up for next year.