Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

We didn't go trick or treating this year. But we did do an awesome Halloween morning tea at work! We have a morning tea every second Tuesday and each department takes turns putting on the spread. It was our turn this time...I do love a themed morning tea ;-)

Giorgio's wife made these. Unbelievable!! And also delicious!!

This was my contribution - the fruit platter. I cracked myself up making these!

Haha - mummified sausages.

Spider cheesecakes. workplace is kinda fun :-)

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Photobooth Props

These are the props I made for the high school reunion. It was so much fun and luckily there was loads available on the net.

How did I do it? It's always easier when you have your own sweatshop :-P

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

High School Reunion

I had an absolute ball at my 20 year high school reunion on the weekend. All my bestest buddies from high school (who I still hang out with) were there as well as peeps I hadn't seen for literally 20 years!

I recognised everyone immediately! They were just a little older, maybe a little heavier, but all the personalities were the same and the years melted away and I felt like I was back in high school.

For some, that was a little traumatic. I was actually pretty surprised to learn that a few people were really apprehensive, even anxious about coming. We were really a pretty good bunch - friendly and fun without any class issues or bullying that I was aware of. But I guess there are always other factors in people's lives that you don't know about and as my bestie put it, it's an awkward time in your life and everyone copes differently.

By the end of the night though everyone was having an awesome time and in fact I think there was some closure to some childhood issues for some. For most though, like me, just a very sore head the next day.


I found this pic of me and my bestie of 25 years. I can't tell you how much I love this girl! I can't remember a time when she wasn't there for me through all the ups and downs and lord knows there's been a few of those.

Anyway, it was so fabulous seeing everyone after such a long time. This was actually the third reunion held for our year - there was one for the ten year and fifteen year but I didn't go to either of those. I think there will be a pretty big turn out for the 25th.