Friday, November 29, 2013

Hong Kong food on the cheap

After our insanely expensive and amazing degustation at Liberty Private Works we kinda didn't have any money left for that sort of food again. Lucky there's street food and cafes that are REALLY CHEAP.

Every morning we had congee, which is about AU$3 for a really big bowl. This is the traditional breakfast in Hong Kong. My mum and grandmother used to make this (I try too, but I'm not very good at it) but we used to have it more for dinner. The Hong Kong version was so delicious, I don't know how because it's just rice.

We also had won ton noodles at the famous Mak's Noodles. Simple and delicious and AU$5! Yep, awesome!

I'm OBSESSED with these traditional custards tarts, both here and in Australia. The difference is that in Oz they're AU$3.50 each. In Hong Kong they're 80c each and they make so many that you can go anytime of the day and have them fresh.

Crusty, flaky pastry with creamy egg custard....I had at least 2 a day. And now I'm back in Oz...I only get one a month :-(.