Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Happy Christmas!

Wow this year has gone fast! I've just realised that I haven't posted in months and now Christmas has come and gone and now it's the second last day of the year. I'm a little bit sad. Is it just me or do the years go faster when you get older?

Christmas was quiet. I was sick, which is annoying because I hardly ever get sick. Had a nice Christmas breakfast though with my brother, but had to skip lunch with the rellies cause I was coughing and sneezing.

It didn't stop me from wrapping though. You know I LOVE wrapping. We went with the traditional red and green again this year, and personalised gift taps.

Every year we give the "household" a gift, something for all of us. This year it was Monopoly and Scrabble. We lost all our board games in the flood, and we had some awesome classics, like MasterMind and Cluedo. Some games that we'd had since the 70s so it was a bit disappointing. We always said we would replace them eventually so this was the time. We played Monopoly Christmas night. I whipped everyone's ass!!

I got a gorgeous watch for Christmas too. I guess this year I've been good? ;-)

Happy Christmas Everyone!!!


Saturday, September 27, 2014

A week in paradise - part two

We only hit the "town" for a couple of nights because mostly we were exhausted from exploring, sitting on the beach etc. Island night at the resort was awesome. We teamed up with another couple we'd met kiting for a traditional island feast, traditional dancing and a fire show!

Traditional island food is just as you'd expect - fish, paw paw, coconuts, taro and pumpkin. My favourite from the above was the sludgy stuff in the bottom left, taro leaves in a spice coconut sauce. But basically I lived off paw paw and coconuts for 7 days. Love the stuff!!

The second night we met up with the kiters again and bar hopped till we ended up at some golf club where the locals were going off! There were some beautiful Cook Islander ladies in traditional dress who were pretty chuffed that Maj and I wanted a pic with them and then there was this guy who kept accosting me at the bar. He kept saying he wanted to show me his crayfish. I thought it was some bizarre islander metaphor or pick up line…but then he pulled out his iPhone and showed me a picture of the crayfish he'd caught. OK then.

Friday, September 26, 2014

A week in paradise - Part One


Honeymoon Island

I totally understand what the term "island paradise" and "hidden gem" mean now. We've just spent a week there and it's REALLY hard to come back.

We've been in the Cook Islands for some much needed R & R and it was amazing. For somewhere that has completely pristine waters and snow white sands, I'm surprised that this place hasn't been overrun by tourists, but it's a hidden gem I think partly attributed to the lack of marketing from such a laid back community OR, they don't want to be overrun by hoards of tourists in which case, I sincerely thank them.

The little 35 seater on Air Raratonga

We spent all of our time in Aitutaki, which isn't the main island in the Cook Islands, but I think the most picturesque and much less touristy than the main island of Rarotonga. It's a complete atoll so the waters are shallow and crystal clear and no sharks! Even if there were the waters are so clear you'd see them coming a mile away.

The Bungalows

We stayed at a bungalow in Tamanu Beach Resort, totally laid back and chilled. We could sit on the beach, snorkel, kayak…or just sleep in the hammocks.

We got around on a scooter without a helmut! Not cause we were trying to be badass, they just don't have helmets in the Cook Islands. Zero! No one wears them!

We didn't go to school, but they did a good lunch!
Kiters paradise
The "chapel" on Honeymoon Island
These little critters were everywhere

We spent a couple of days out on Honeymoon Island, a 20 minute boat ride from Aitutaki. We hung out with the guys from the kite school. I still can't kite so I just walked along the beach with the other kiting widows, picked up shells and ate coconuts. Paradise :-).

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Three Days of Cuteness

Cutest baby shower invite ever! There seems to be a lot of babies on their way around me lately. 

Cutest dog ever! I love how he just sits at our feet at night and watches TV with us.

Cutest soft toys ever! I need to start buying them in bulk for all the baby showers I'm going to!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

A backyard wedding

Some friends of ours had a backyard wedding recently and it was just so, so lovely. It was casual and chilled and full of love and soooo much food. The bride's family is from the Philippines and the groom's family is Australian so it was a great mix of people and an amazing multicultural feast.

I always thought a backyard wedding was a bit tacky, but having never been to one I was wrong. There was none of that stress and awkwardness and pressure, especially leading up to the big day. So lovely.

Traditional taro cake!! So delicious! Congratulations Paul and Michelle on the lovely start to your marriage. So glad we could be there.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014


I had working lunch today at Paw Paw Cafe and fell totally in love with this mural that's on the wall. I think it's amazing and couldn't stop looking at it. The waitress said it was painted by a friend of the owner's. I would LOVE something by this artist in my home.

Their mac and cheese is pretty awesome too!

Tuesday, July 29, 2014


When Josh was a baby I loved dressing him up in cute costumes. He doesn't really like me doing that now :-(. But I've found other things.

Beware of the dogasaurus!!

Saturday, July 26, 2014


Me: "Hey Honey, they sent me the wrong size belt, it's too big."

Him: (Pulls out drill, revs it.) "Hold still."

Me: "WHOA!! You can't do that while I'm still wearing it!?!?!"

Him: "You just need to stay really still…."

Me:  (Mutters…)

Friday, July 25, 2014

Tomato Relish Making Day

I find it hard to throw out jars. They seem so useful and pretty, I can't bear to even throw them in the recycling bin. So as a result I had loads and loads of jars. I have a bit of a fetish for Five Tastes Laksa paste and red curry sauce so I had about 40 of those jars, but those were reserved for tea light holders for the 100 tea lights I have from Ikea.

I didn't know what to do with the rest though, probably at least another 30. My cousin had been saying for ages that we should have a cooking day - originally we were going to make pasta, but with all the jars she suggested making tomato relish!

Tomato relish it was! We cut up 4kgs of tomatoes and a kilo of onions and boiled it up with red wine vinegar, brown sugar and wholegrain mustard.

Was fun and so old school. No TV, just chatting, cutting up, cooking, tasting. Good times. The tomatoes were so cheap too - the whole lot for about $10.

Soon the whole house was filled with the sweet aroma of tomato relish.

…and we had some snacks while the relish was cooking.

We made 17 jars out of this batch and it was delicious! I can't eat much of it because I can't eat onions, but I did have a little taste and I could imagine it with cheese on crackers. No doubt the boys will eat it though. 

I love the idea of cooking days, it's so much fun. Next up will definitely be pasta making day.

Night Noodle Markets

Am loving the Night Noodle Markets at the moment at Southbank. Great food, great friends, great atmosphere. Have been here a couple of times now, first with Jansen and then with the girls. Loving it.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Latest Foodie Adventures

Dish of the week!  Cumin and Lime Crepe SoufflĂ©
Shouk Cafe, Paddington

Bombe Alaska!
Mariosarti, Toowong

Miso Eggplant
Sono, Portside

Sticky Date Pudding
Moose & Gibson, Woolloongabba

Take away…

…Zucchini Frittata,
Bakers Arms, Woolloongabba

Spiced Bake Cheesecake
Billykart Kitchen, Annerley

Haloumi & Beetroot Salad 
Moose & Gibson, Woollongabba