Saturday, March 29, 2014

Art Love

My brand new Marimekko "Hetkia Moments" canvas at the top of my stairs. I made this myself...kinda.  The frame anyway. I find myself running up and downstairs unnecessarily just so I can get that "ohhhhhh" feeling when I see it as I get to the top landing.

Is that weird? Not for me.

Friday, March 21, 2014

OK Ronny Chieng...amuse me!

We went to see Ronny Chieng perform at the Brisbane Comedy Festival. He was hilarious! It's been a long time since I've seen stand up and a LONG time since I've had that crazy, uncontrollable belly laugh that leaves you gasping for breath and tears running down your cheeks.

We need to do this more often. When I think about it, the last time I went to a show was when I had my 21st at the Stand Up Comedy Club. That was a loooong time ago!

Thursday, March 20, 2014


"I bought all this vegetarian food for you. It's in the fridge.  
 ...I guess now I have to eat all this crap too?"

Haha - is that love? I'm not sure. I think it is? Regardless, it made me laugh. A lot!

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Latest Foodie Adventures

Date Night! Tofu Skewers, Birdsnest Yakitori

Mango Panacotta, The London Club

Langos, The Orange Bar

Vegetable Tempura Sushi, Crazy Fish

Pumpkin Spice Wrap, 33 Squares

Roast Veggies and Chips, The Rotisserie

Chicken Wings (not mine, obviously, but they looked amazing), The Newstead Brewery

Hot Pot, The Antarctica Circle (no idea why a hot pot restaurant would be called The Antarctica)

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Inside the Walter Taylor Bridge

Years ago when I first moved to Brisbane as a teenager I'd drive under the Walter Taylor Bridge in Indooroopilly and see washing out on the balcony. I found it utterly fascinating that there were people actually LIVING in the bridge!

Over the years I would hear stories from the locals - that the original family who built the bridge lived there, that there was a hermit living there, that there was a BALLROOM in there. I never really knew what was true and what was urban myth but I would wonder every single time I would drive under.

Then a few years ago, a very heavy, 300kg resident had to be rescued out of the bridge using a crane after suffering an asthma attack. It was quite sensational at the time as the traffic in both directions had to be stopped during peak hour to allow the crane to get the man out. Fortunately he survived and it at least confirmed one rumour that yes, people lived there!

Then about six months ago the Council put out open calls on what should be done with the Walter Taylor Bridge - should it be turned into an art gallery, cafe, tours?  I didn't know if the moving of the obese man had anything to do with the sudden opening of the bridge, but I couldn't wait to see inside.

I'm not sure what they will do with the bridge long term, but for now they've opened it up for tours.

So the story goes that the bridge's namesake, Walter Taylor, designed and built the bridge as a toll bridge linking Indooroopilly to the Chelmer and the Western suburbs. It was originally called the Indooroopilly Toll Bridge and wasn't changed to the Walter Taylor Bridge until after his death, which I think is a little sad.

The original toll master also resided with his family (of 5 children!) in the living quarters and the deal was he and his family and their descendants could live in the bridge, rent free, for as long as they wanted. So bear in mind the bridge was built in the 1930s and the last resident, the obese man, didn't leave until 2009. He was the grandson of the original toll master. That's a lot of free rent!

The tour only takes you through the Northern Pylon as the Southern Pylon apparently is too dangerous with the weakened structure. The tour guide did confirm though that there was originally a ballroom there (!!) but it was turned into extra living quarters. There is some supercool artwork there done by students, I would LOVE to go in there!!

Anyhoo, the Northern Pylon has three levels, a small kitchen, two very large bedrooms (still...5 kids) and (thank goodness) a couple of bathrooms. It's very cosy, very art deco and very cool.

After so many years of fascination and wondering, I'm totally stoked I got to see inside the bridge. Now if only they would open the Southern pylon - this is what we'd be able to see...

Pic from The Courier Mail 
Pic from The Courier Mail. I wonder if this was the ballroom? There wasn't a space this big in the Northern Pylon.

Pic from The Courier Mail. So awesome....

Pic from The Courier Mail. Students methinks...

Pure awesomeness.