Sunday, April 27, 2014

Breakfast with the Hispters

Ahhh the lazy breakfast. The epitomy of the ultimate weekend. How I love it. Woolloongabba (the 'gabba) is my new work suburb so I've been checking out all the local places all in the name of research of course.

So we had a lazy breakfast at Moose & Gibson - typically hipster with its industrially fit out and minimalist food. It was busy and noisy but the crowd wasn't too pretentious. A nice mix of inner city families, young 20 somethings and cyclists. Where there's coffee there's always cyclists.

I had labna on sourdough with oven dried roma tomatoes with gingernut crumble.

With what?

Yeah, you read right - gingernut crumble. Like a crushed up Arnotts gingernut biscuit. Weirdness. The rest was great though, and the service was fast and friendly and the coffee was good. Of course a stinky, sweaty cyclist "fresh" from his ride plonked himself down next to me, sprinkling me lightly with his man-scent as he slid past me in the booth. I seem to be a magnet for those whenever I have breakfast. It'd be comical if it wasn't so offensive.

Anyhoo, that aside, I really liked it. It's made the list! I gotta ask though…what's with all the beards?

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Eat. Street. Love.

I'm calling it. Eat Street is my absolute favourite place in Brissie at the moment. It has everything that I love - street food, entertainment, a bit of a festival atmosphere and it's open till late-ish on Friday and Saturday night.

But's about the food :-P.  I have no idea how many stalls are there but at a guess, maybe 50 or 60? Whatever, there's so much variety, I'd challenge anyone to go there and not find something they like.

Every time I go there I want to sample everything, but I have this new (necessary) rule that I stop eating when I'm full instead of stuffing myself like the greedy guts I (normally) am. This really means I only get one dish and one dessert...if I'm honest with myself.

This week's selection was dumplings!! Classic street food. These were vegan dumplings, which I would normally love but...they were just plain weird. I was expecting them to be filled with a sauteed array of delicious vegetables like cabbage and carrot and maybe peas - but they were filled with...rice.

Yep. Rice.

I think this is what you would get if a dim sim had a torrid affair with an aranchini ball and not to be gastronomically racist, but this is a mix that should never happen. Having said that I overheard loads of people saying how delicious the other varieties were - chicken, pork belly etc. I guess I'll never know.

Doesn't matter cause it was all made better by...

A potato slinky!!

Ye-huh! A thousand calories of deep fried goodness on a stick. I think it's fair to say Josh was ridiculously excited about it to the point that he didn't mind lining up for 10 minutes for it.

But the pièce de résistance would have to be...


Half croissant, half donut they are just delicious!! This one had some sort of custard filling and oh my god I thought I'd died and gone to foodie heaven.

Anyhoo if you're looking for me on Friday or Saturday night you'll most likely find me here. Listening to the band. Eating a cronut.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Movie Time!

An easy pho dinner at our favourite Vietnamese restaurant and then an awesome movie on a Thursday night with my fave boys. A couple of hours of entertainment and pure escapism. Really...the simple things in life. I'm appreciating them so much more these days.

Captain America - The Winter Soldier, by the way, is freaking awesome!!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Come home Bella!

We miss our Bella. We still don't have a fence so she's staying a couple of suburbs away. We drop in to play with her and feed her every day, but it's not the same as waking up to her or being able take her for a walk every morning.

She's such a sweet little dog. I didn't even like dogs that much before we got her...I was more of a crazy cat lady. But she's so genuine and loyal, you can't help but love her. She's almost 10 now-  the buddy Josh grew up with. Hopefully we'll get the fence up soon and she can come home. She would be so much happier here, lots of space and people to play with her. I'd even consider getting her another buddy for when we're not home.