Thursday, May 8, 2014

A freezing night by the campfire

I feel like one of the most amazing but unbelievably simple experiences in life is sitting on the beach on a freezing night in front of a campfire with friends. Good wine and good food under the stars and NO mobile reception.

Soooo cliche!

But so true!!

Queensland went through a cold snap so we packed up our winter woolies and headed up to our spot at Rainbow Beach. It was FREEZING, but we rugged up and stayed close to the fire. We had camembert on crackers and two bottles of really good red. It was divine. Then we toasted marshmallows and s'mores. Oh my god, it was the first time I'd had these and (thank you America) they were the ultimate campfire experience.

The temperature dropped to six degrees that night so thank god for the insulated tent and down feather sleeping bag. It was toasty inside while the wind was howling outside.

The next day was an absolute cracker. Not a cloud in the sky and the water was warm and crystal clear.  I managed to get my trainer kite up for four minutes straight - a new record for me. And I found some awesome shells. What a day.

Not enough wind though for real kiteboarding. Someone was sulking…