Friday, July 25, 2014

Tomato Relish Making Day

I find it hard to throw out jars. They seem so useful and pretty, I can't bear to even throw them in the recycling bin. So as a result I had loads and loads of jars. I have a bit of a fetish for Five Tastes Laksa paste and red curry sauce so I had about 40 of those jars, but those were reserved for tea light holders for the 100 tea lights I have from Ikea.

I didn't know what to do with the rest though, probably at least another 30. My cousin had been saying for ages that we should have a cooking day - originally we were going to make pasta, but with all the jars she suggested making tomato relish!

Tomato relish it was! We cut up 4kgs of tomatoes and a kilo of onions and boiled it up with red wine vinegar, brown sugar and wholegrain mustard.

Was fun and so old school. No TV, just chatting, cutting up, cooking, tasting. Good times. The tomatoes were so cheap too - the whole lot for about $10.

Soon the whole house was filled with the sweet aroma of tomato relish.

…and we had some snacks while the relish was cooking.

We made 17 jars out of this batch and it was delicious! I can't eat much of it because I can't eat onions, but I did have a little taste and I could imagine it with cheese on crackers. No doubt the boys will eat it though. 

I love the idea of cooking days, it's so much fun. Next up will definitely be pasta making day.