Thursday, August 28, 2014

Three Days of Cuteness

Cutest baby shower invite ever! There seems to be a lot of babies on their way around me lately. 

Cutest dog ever! I love how he just sits at our feet at night and watches TV with us.

Cutest soft toys ever! I need to start buying them in bulk for all the baby showers I'm going to!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

A backyard wedding

Some friends of ours had a backyard wedding recently and it was just so, so lovely. It was casual and chilled and full of love and soooo much food. The bride's family is from the Philippines and the groom's family is Australian so it was a great mix of people and an amazing multicultural feast.

I always thought a backyard wedding was a bit tacky, but having never been to one I was wrong. There was none of that stress and awkwardness and pressure, especially leading up to the big day. So lovely.

Traditional taro cake!! So delicious! Congratulations Paul and Michelle on the lovely start to your marriage. So glad we could be there.