Friday, September 26, 2014

A week in paradise - Part One


Honeymoon Island

I totally understand what the term "island paradise" and "hidden gem" mean now. We've just spent a week there and it's REALLY hard to come back.

We've been in the Cook Islands for some much needed R & R and it was amazing. For somewhere that has completely pristine waters and snow white sands, I'm surprised that this place hasn't been overrun by tourists, but it's a hidden gem I think partly attributed to the lack of marketing from such a laid back community OR, they don't want to be overrun by hoards of tourists in which case, I sincerely thank them.

The little 35 seater on Air Raratonga

We spent all of our time in Aitutaki, which isn't the main island in the Cook Islands, but I think the most picturesque and much less touristy than the main island of Rarotonga. It's a complete atoll so the waters are shallow and crystal clear and no sharks! Even if there were the waters are so clear you'd see them coming a mile away.

The Bungalows

We stayed at a bungalow in Tamanu Beach Resort, totally laid back and chilled. We could sit on the beach, snorkel, kayak…or just sleep in the hammocks.

We got around on a scooter without a helmut! Not cause we were trying to be badass, they just don't have helmets in the Cook Islands. Zero! No one wears them!

We didn't go to school, but they did a good lunch!
Kiters paradise
The "chapel" on Honeymoon Island
These little critters were everywhere

We spent a couple of days out on Honeymoon Island, a 20 minute boat ride from Aitutaki. We hung out with the guys from the kite school. I still can't kite so I just walked along the beach with the other kiting widows, picked up shells and ate coconuts. Paradise :-).