Saturday, September 27, 2014

A week in paradise - part two

We only hit the "town" for a couple of nights because mostly we were exhausted from exploring, sitting on the beach etc. Island night at the resort was awesome. We teamed up with another couple we'd met kiting for a traditional island feast, traditional dancing and a fire show!

Traditional island food is just as you'd expect - fish, paw paw, coconuts, taro and pumpkin. My favourite from the above was the sludgy stuff in the bottom left, taro leaves in a spice coconut sauce. But basically I lived off paw paw and coconuts for 7 days. Love the stuff!!

The second night we met up with the kiters again and bar hopped till we ended up at some golf club where the locals were going off! There were some beautiful Cook Islander ladies in traditional dress who were pretty chuffed that Maj and I wanted a pic with them and then there was this guy who kept accosting me at the bar. He kept saying he wanted to show me his crayfish. I thought it was some bizarre islander metaphor or pick up line…but then he pulled out his iPhone and showed me a picture of the crayfish he'd caught. OK then.